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img have been known that the rock legends Whitesnake are embarking on their Purple Tour, which also includes a concert in Bulgaria in November.
The one of the most influential and most popular rock bands, which is favorite to several generations was founded in 1978 by David Coverdale, who had left Deep Purple two years earlier.
The Purple Tour will include all of the band's greatest hits and songs from their new album “The Purple Album”.
Following their numerous performances in 2013, which were part of the Foverermore World Tour, Whitesnake spent 2014 recording its twelfth studio album.
Coverdale commented that the new album is paying tribute and expressing gratitude to Deep Purple for being provided with the opportunity to be part of the band.
According to the singer, the Deep Purple “university” was a great school for him and he was looking forward to performing the songs from the new album live.

The tour starts at the end of May in North America and will continue there until at least the middle of August, their first concert being on May 28 in Washington D.C.
In the autumn the band will embark on a European tour, which will include a concert at the Arena Armeec hall in Sofia on November 24, the organisers from Sofia Music Enterprises inform.
The concert will feature songs from three great albums of Deep Purple, all of which were recorded with the participation of Coverdale – “Burn”, “Stormbringer” and “Come Taste the Band”.
The tickets will be at affordable prices and will range from BGN 60 to 120, Darik radio reports.
The tickets will go on sale on April 17 at 11:00 a.m., with all tickets purchased in the first ten days to have 10 % discount.
This will be the fifth performance of Whitesnake in Bulgaria.
Valentin Tzvetanov, editor’s remarks: The information above has been taken from would like to thank Darik Radio and Niki Kanchev for the opportunity given to us seeing the Whitesnake' Concert at Sofia Academic Stadium years ago.


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    НИКОЛ 19 апр 2015, 22:48

    Почтенните българи ще обявят бойкот на концерта и няма да присъства никой от тях. Всичко американско да се измита от България. Заедно с тях и продажните задници, които слугинстват на американското ЗЛО!

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    НЕ НИКОЛ 20 апр 2015, 17:43

    Вие "почтените" си поканете Представителния оркестър на съветската армия. Или по-добре идете да си ги гледате на живо в Сибир ... и не се връщайте :)
    Първо да не забравите да няправите някой атентат в българска църква. И ако може повече дечица да избиете ... съвсем почтено.