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If everything goes as it should, the first flight of L-39ZA Bulgarian aircrafts will be held until the end of the month, at the Training Aviation Group (TAG) Dolna Mitropolia.
"Club Wings" Magazine had a visit on April 3rd and first wrote about the return of the L-39ZA airplanes.

Currently final works are being done before the return of the airplanes in the ranks of the jet training-fighter forces.

A team of the Czech company "Aerovodohodi" together with their Bulgarian colleagues are working on 3 pieces L-39, 2 of them are in EPOVR hangar, and the third was transported to the factory "Terem - Georgi Benkovski" in Graf Ignatievo. In fact EPOVR has another L-39, which was repaired, but it will be ready for the next batch of 2 units, planned to fly in 2014. Target number of available L-39 aircrafts is 6.

According to the AirForce website: "Their return in formation became possible after several years of effort by the Air Force and members of the Training Aviation Group. As a result, in September 2012 a framework agreement was signed with the Czech company "Aerovodohodi" for processing capital-restoration works. '
Test flights with the L-39 would be performed by Czech pilots and after that by Bulgarian. According to that, in January this year Bulgarian pilots began training on simulators of L-39ZA.

L-39 Simulator


Last preparations

The Bulgarian team of specialists

Bulgarian-Czech teamwork, which will send the L-39ZA in the air

Soon we will see them in flight

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