A Preliminary Analysis of 2015 Budget Decisions in NATO Member States

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img Valentin Tzvetanov, „NATO & Bulgaria” Magazine
„NATO & Bulgaria” Magazine and the Bulgarian military web-site Pan.bg would like to present to the readers an article, where one of the authors is Bulgarian young lady.
Denitsa Raynova is a Research Associate for the European Leadership Network (ELN). Prior to this, Denitsa has worked as a Research Assistant for Security Watch UK organising the Securing Asia 2012 Summit. Her resume includes an internship at NATO Headquarters Allied Command Izmir Turkey during Operation Unified Protector in Libya as well as an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria.
Denitsa developed her interest in foreign policy and international development, mainly in the areas of conflict and security, during her postgraduate degree in Conflict, Security and Development at King’s College London. Her previous research has been focused on Europe’s near abroad including analysis on countries in Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.
Denitsa is fluent in English and Bulgarian, has working knowledge of Arabic, Turkish and German.
The article gives us a preliminary analysis of 2015 Budget Decisions in NATO Member States.

Everyone can see this article on the website http://www.europeanleadershipnetwork.org/medialibrary/2015/02/20/04389e1d/ELN%20NATO%20Budgets%20Brief.pdf

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