One of the Killed in the Shootings in the German city of Hanau is a Bulgarian Citizen 20 фев 2020 | 19:50 views (2996) commentaries(0)

A 40-year-old Bulgarian is one of the victims of the massacre in the German city of Hanau in which at least 11 people were killed and several others were seriously injured.

The news of our countryman being killed is circulating in local media but has not yet been confirmed by our embassy in Berlin.
According to unconfirmed official information, the deceased Bulgarian is a widower from Mezdra who has a little child. The man lives and works in Erlensee, "24 Hours" reported.

It is unclear if his relatives were informed of the tragedy.

After a 7-hour search, authorities said the main suspect was found dead inside his home with his mother. He shot her 2 times before killing himself.

The shooter left a letter acknowledging his actions and expressing far-right views, Bild reported. In a video posted earlier, the 43-year-old killer also made radical calls to Americans.

The attacker is a German citizen and had a firearm license.
The alleged perpetrator reportedly opened fire at the first shisha bar in Hanau's downtown, killing three people, before driving to the neighbourhood of Kesselstadt and opening fire at a second shisha bar, where five people died, DW reported.

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