Mystery: Bulgarian Citizen Found Dead in Garage of the Chinese Embassy in Brussels 24 сеп 2019 | 17:22 views (1648) commentaries(0)

The mother of a 36-year-old Bulgarian who died in Brussels has been searching for an answer for his death for days.

The only thing the relatives know is that Iskren Yordanov committed suicide and the body was found in the garage of the Chinese embassy in the Belgian capital.

The 36-year-old Iskren has lived in Germany for years and worked as a builder. On September 13, he told his mother he was visiting a girlfriend in Brussels. The last call was two days later.

"He said he had some problems, mentioned some Pakistanis and sought help," said Iskren's mother, Elena Docheva, quoted by NOVA.

After that, the mother lost any connection with her son.

Looking for his girlfriend, with whom he was in Brussels. "She (the girlfriend) says she last left him at some northern station. It was 7 hours by bus to Germany," Elena Docheva added.

On September 20, police from Ruse contacted Iskren's brother to inform him of the suicide.

The police department in Ruse told NOVA that they had no further information on the case. All they had to do was inform the relatives of the tragic death.

Iskren's relatives called at our embassies in Belgium and Germany but received no further information about the case.

"The peculiarity of the case is that it is developing in 4 countries. It is about Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, and China - because Iskren was found in Chinese territory," commented Iliana Yordanova, the daughter-in-law of the deceased man.

The relatives are adamant that they do not stop looking for answers about the man's death. They do not understand how he ended up in the garage of the Chinese Embassy in Brussels.

"There is no way he can commit suicide, he cannot, he has not committed suicide, I am 100% sure," said Iskren's mother.

Our Foreign Office said that our embassy in Belgium has been working on the case ever since the alert was received. Contact has been made with the local authorities and a request has been made to the Belgian police for more information and clarification of the circumstances surrounding his death.

At the moment, our consulate in Brussels is awaiting information from the Belgian authorities on the case.

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