Bulgarian Traffic Police Started an Operation Against Speeding

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Bulgarian traffic police started an operation against speeding, the Interior Ministry said on August 12.

The operation will run for a week starting from today until August 18 inclusive. It is part of an EU-wide one by European traffic police network TISPOL. Similar operations will be conducted on the territory of all member states.

The aim of the operation is to raise awareness of speeding danger and to draw attention to the fact that excessive speed is still one of the most common causes for serious road accidents with the largest number of injuries and deaths.

Previously, speed control operation was conducted on April 2019. It identified that 37,000 people speeded in just one week. This means that over 5,000 motorists drove at an unsafe speed every day.

The statistics show that 254 people were killed in more than 2,900 road accidents since the beginning of the year until June. More than 3,600 people were injured. The largest number of motorists driving at high speed is in Sofia region, Veliko Turnovo, Pazardzhik and Shumen.

This year, 72 people died in road accidents in June because traffic is intense during the summer holidays. In August, traffic is expected to be even busier.

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