An incident with B-29 Mitchel 01 юни 2011 | 16:27 views (2646) commentaries(0)
A plane that crashed Tuesday, May 31 to 17 h 30 near the airfield at Melun-Villaroche (Seine-et-Marne), inter-Moissy Cramayel and Reau.
This collection device, an American bomber North American B-25J-35-NC Mitchell from the Second World War, was seen by witnesses with an engine on fire. According to Snecma employees of the plant, adjacent to the airfield, the aircraft then entered a sharp turn.
After cutting power lines, he landed in a field about 300 yards from highway A5B, found two journalists from Paris. The pilot and his passenger managed to escape the device. They are free. Extensive safety measures were made ??to extinguish the fire and prevent

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