UK MoD confirms Nimrod extension 01 апр 2011 | 10:02 views (1495) commentaries(0)
The UK Secretary of State for Defence has confirmed that one Nimrod R1 aircraft is to be retained.
March 31: The UK Secretary of State for Defence, Dr Liam Fox, confirmed yesterday in a written answer to the House of Commons that one Nimrod R1 reconnaissance aircraft is to be retained by the Royal Air Force beyond its previously announced retirement date of today.

In the answer Dr Fox said “The original decision to withdraw the Nimrod R1 from service was taken in 2008 by the previous Government. However, in view of current events in Libya one Nimrod R1 aircraft is being kept in the region for up to three months in support of UNSCR 1973. This is a pragmatic decision given the aircraft is already in the region but is subject to continuous review of the Alliance's operational requirement.”

It is thought that of the two aircraft is use with 51 Squadron, XW664 will be withdrawn from Operation Herrick in Afghanistan within the next few days and XV249 will continue to operate with 907 Expeditionary Air Wing from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus until the crisis is resolved.

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