Flight security section opened in the Serbian air force command

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In the SAF air force command in Zemun a Flight Safety Section was opened today which was technically equipped by the Kingdom of Denmark. The opening was attended by the SAF air force and air defense deputy commander Brig. Gen. Sreto Malinovic and the Ambassador of Denmark to Serbia Mete Kyuel Nielsen.

General Malinovic thanked on that occasion to the Kingdom of Denmark for its engagement so far in providing support so far to our air force, while reminding of the recent help of this country while establishing the SAF air force operational center as well as the search and rescue service.
The Flight Safety Section is the integral part of a very complex and multi-layered system for flight security of our air force, which is also in charge of meeting the highest standards and procedures all this in view of raising the level of the overall flight security in our air force.

The donation of the Kingdom of Denmark has enabled the4 section to be fully equipped, as the necessary infrastructure has been installed which will provide networking of organizational units tasked with ensuring flight security at the air force brigade4 levels and squadrons, which will enable them to quickly share information.

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