Borisov Patching Up on Libya: Bulgaria Knew Gaddafi's True Colors 21 мар 2011 | 22:04 views (1245) commentaries(0)
The regime of Muammar Gaddafi has lost any kind of legitimacy, and he must go immediately, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said in a special statement Monday night.

The evening statement released by the Cabinet press service is a clear departure from his statements on Libya in the past few days, and has apparently sought to tone down Borisov's Monday morning remarks on TV in which he eagerly criticized the international community for the way the current military intervention in Libya is conducted.

"Gaddafi has used asymmetric military power against the civilian population of his country and has caused the death of hundreds of Libyan citizens. For us Bulgarians the true character of Col. Gaddafi's reign in Libya was never a secret," Borisov said.

He reminded that in spite of the numerous calls on part of the international community, Gaddafi has refused to start reforms and dialogue and address the grievances of the people, calling them "rats" and "drug addicts" instead. Borisov describes Gaddafi's policies as "inhuman and illegal."

The PM further says that Bulgaria hails Resolution 1973/2011 of the UN Security Council for its mandate for an international military intervention in Libya to protect the Libyan people. Bulgaria has also welcomed the fact that the resolution was backed by the Arab League, which proves that the military operation is "legitimate, necessary, and right."

Borisov declares that after the initial military strikes, it is time for NATO to take over the operation in Libya, and that Bulgaria will take part in future actions of NATO and the EU to provide for the full enforcement of Resolution 1973/2011 of the UNSC.

"We are ready to take part in the enforcement of the arms embargo with a frigate from the Bulgarian Navy and in humanitarian missions. Libya's future depends entirely on the abilities of the Libyan people to agree on the way they wish to create their state. Bulgaria is ready to help this process," the PM concludes.

Monday morning Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, voiced criticism towards the military operation in Libya led by the USA, UK, and France, saying it lacks clear goals, but poses many questions.

Borisov spoke Monday morning in an interview for the TV channel TV7, stating the above were the exact reasons why Bulgaria is not taking part in the actions against Libya. He explained his view that finance and economic blockade would be much more effective in forcing Gaddafi to withdraw quickly.

The PM pointed out these types of wars have negative influence on countries such as Bulgaria over making financial markets unstable and increasing oil prices, and voiced hope NATO is going to take over the operation as quickly as possible.

Borisov also said that Bulgaria will be very careful in giving opinions about any developments in Libya, adding Gaddafi's remaining in power would be a failure for the western world.

"Many European politicians have a guilty consciousness regarding Gaddafi's life and attitude for years back. And it was not that long-ago when he used to tour European countries and be greeted with honors. When the Bulgarian medics were detained, everyone sympathized with us, knowing they were innocent, but this did not help us. Why didn't they strike Libya then? If there were 200-300 civilians in the compound that was bombed last night, what excuses could we have then? When there are great risks for civilian casualties, it makes me be way more careful about the support I declare. I hope the people who undertook the risk and sent their soldiers in Libya know what they are doing," the PM stated Monday morning.

On Sunday, in another strong reaction, Borisov said the military operation in Libya by the Western powers is too late as it should have been led when the Bulgarian medics were absolutely undeservedly detained, according to Bulgaria's PM Boyko Borisov.

His statement was in regards to the ordeal that six Bulgarian medics suffered in the so-called "Libya HIV Trial" as they were jailed in Libya in 1999-2007 for allegedly infecting deliberately 400 children with HIV.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Defense Minister, Anyu Angelov, told the Bulgarian National Television, BNT, Bulgaria can take part in the operation with two medical teams and later with sending one frigate to enforce sea embargo on Libya.

The Minister said a Bulgarian vessel is not currently needed because there are plenty of ships in the area, but if the blockade is prolonged, the frigate might be useful as replacement for some of them.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Nikolay Mladenov, also on TV7, confirmed Bulgaria is prepared to take part in a blockade of Libya by sea.

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