NATO begins Exercise Trident Jaguar 15 21 апр 2015 | 22:01 views (3681) commentaries(0)
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The JFC Naples Public Affairs Office released that North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces are taking part in Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 15.
The planned Exercise is according NATO MTEP (Military Training and Exercise Program).
The NATO Rapid Deployment Corps - Italy (NRDC-ITA) from 20 – 27 April 2015 and the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) from 8 – 15 May 2015 are conducting a major NATO Command Post Exercise (CPX) at the Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway.
The exercise is focused on synchronized actions among joint force headquarters’ staffs. It is a large scale command post scenario that will test the staffs’ abilities to coordinate resources, synchronize assets, disseminate information, develop courses of action and provide recommendations to commanders.
Admiral Mark Ferguson, the Commander of Joint Force Command Naples explained that "This exercise is one of a number of national, bilateral and multinational NATO exercises taking place across Europe, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean that are building enhanced national and Alliance military capacity, capability, readiness, responsiveness and joint interoperability.”

The Commander also stressed that with any joint multinational exercises on this scale, NATO visibly demonstrates its commitment to its Allies on collective defence in a dynamically changing and complex security environment.
A Command Post Exercise (CPX) is a computer assisted simulation with no live fire or maneuver exercises associated. The concept of a CPX is to test and evaluate the abilities of the Command Posts’ battle staffs to establish and execute command, control, communications and computer capabilities, while integrating various joint warfighting and civilian agency functions.

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