CMDR COE has earned status as the 21st NATO COE and activation as NATO Military Body 03 апр 2015 | 13:02 views (1893) commentaries(0)
The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) has earned on 31st March a status as the 21st NATO COE and its activation as a NATO Military Body.
The CMDR COE has met the accreditation requirements set by the MC and will provide support to NATO transformation and to the enhancement of NATO capabilities in the field of Crisis Management and Disaster Response, thereby adding value.
Over the past 2 years, CMDR COE has worked closely with HQ SACT, NATO HQ and NATO subject matter experts to develop a detailed concept of support to meet the current and future needs of the Strategic Commanders for CMDR expertise. The positive results are achieved by the HQ SACT’s formal accreditation assessment. The CMDR COE mission is focused in full compliance with the principles and provisions of MC Concept for Centres of Excellence (dated 4 Dec 2003).
The CMDR COE, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, was established on the 28th of August 2013 by its Sponsoring Nations of Poland and Greece and Bulgaria as the Framework Nation through the signing of the required Memoranda of Understanding (MOU): the Operational MOU between the participating Nations and the Functional MOU between the Participating Nations and NATO HQ SACT.
The CMDR COE had 23 NATO requests for support in 2014 and a further 25 for 2015. The Centre is working closely with HQ SACT, SHAPE and NATO HQ to make valuable contributions to various NATO initiatives in its field. Most notably, the CMDR COE has agreed to deliver a Study to the NATO Military Authorities that examines the impact on NATO military operations based upon the potential crises and consequences of urbanisation between now and 2035. The Centre is also ready to contribute to NATO Policy, Doctrine and Concepts related to crisis management and disaster response activities.


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