CMDR COE supports exercise Balkan Bridges 15 IPC 25 мар 2015 | 03:08 views (2496) commentaries(0)
The aim of this hybrid training event is to enhance Balkan States’ capabilities to respond to a regional crisis while testing and improving interoperability of their Modeling and Simulation capabilities.
The IPC was held in Charalitsa on 18 and 19 of March 2015. Participants from Ankara, Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Tirana and NATO – JFTC took part in the meeting.
The busy schedule of the event included brief and discussions on the EXPLAN, Geo-strategic situation and initial assessment. Fruitful syndicate work with important deliverables for the exercise development process were held.
Combined final minutes from the IPC were agreed upon and signed by the leads of the delegations appointing actions to be taken and responsible parties.
The JFTC representatives introduced test cases, which are going to be conducted during the exercise Balkan Brigades 15. Many technical issues, constraints and initial conditions were set for the purpose of achieving objective and corresponding to reality results.

The participants had an opportunity to learn about the simulation and modeling products of IABG – German commercial company specialized in research and development of computer based software dedicated to training and education in sphere of Crisis Management and Disaster Response.
The next MPC will be held from 17 to 19 of June.

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