The personnel of the Ministry of Defence and the Bulgarian Army fulfill their duties under conditions of anti-epidemic measures 06 апр 2020 | 13:16 views (3248) commentaries(0)
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By order of the Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov, dated 13 March 2020, rules and order were established on performing the constitutional duties of the Armed Forces under the conditions of the introduced anti-epidemic measures.

All activities related to combat and mobilization readiness are conducted in the military units. The conduct of military duties continues as stated in the Statutes of military service. We maintain the readiness of the forces assigned to enhance the protection of the state borders and to joint activities with the Ministry of Interior to conduct, if necessary, counter terrorism measures. We maintain the readiness of the specialized military teams allocated to fulfill tasks on the third mission of the armed forces in assisting the population.

The army life in the military units and the work of the structures directly subordinated to the Minister of Defence are organized in accordance with the regulations issued by the Head of the Military Medical Academy and principal medical officer of the Armed Forces on introducing anti-epidemic measures and preventing the spread COVID 19 among the military personnel and employees. We introduced practices related to disinfection of workplaces aimed at safeguarding the personnel’s health.

In view of the introduced anti-epidemic measures on preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, it is prohibited for outside persons to enter the buildings of the Ministry of Defence situated on Dyakon Ignatii and Ivan Vazov Streets and on Totleben Boulevard in Sofia. The reception room of the Ministry of Defence is closed to visitors. The citizens can order administrative services by following the rules stated in the rubric “Administrative Service” on the official internet site of the Ministry of Defence or through the portal on the provision of digital services at:

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