Incident with a Turkish Airlines B737 at Sofia 10 фев 2022 | 03:17 views (2558) commentaries(0)
img, By Simon Hradecky

Incident: THY B739 at Sofia on Feb 6th 2022, flight control problems

A THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-900, registration TC-JYF performing flight TK-1030 from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Istanbul (Turkey), was climbing out of Sofia's runway 27 when the crew declared emergency reporting flight control problems, stopped the climb at about 6000 feet and requested to return to Sofia. The controller queried the crew about their indicated airspeed (the crew reported 190 KIAS) and queried whether they were able to fly the aircraft, which the crew affirmed. The controller advised they would be landing back on runway 09 (he several times mentioned runway 27 correcting himself instantly) and vectored the aircraft for an approach to runway 09. The aircraft landed safely at a normal speed on runway 09 about 15 minutes after departure. When queried by the controller after landing the crew advised again they had flight control problems without elaborating further.

The flight was cancelled.

The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground for about 22 hours before positioning back to Istanbul, remained on the ground in Istanbul for another about 8 hours (over night) and resumed service in the morning of Feb 8th.

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