Su-57 Conducted an Airstrike in Syria (?) 05 ное 2019 | 18:04 views (716) commentaries(0)

DAMASCUS, (BM) – The crew of the fifth-generation Russian aircraft Su-57 conducted an air strike yesterday, learned, citing information from an independent ground source.

According to the source, one of the two Russian Su-57 fighter jets was missing at the Khmeimim airbase at the same time, when Russian air forces have conducted air strike near Idlib yesterday.

Following a recent air attack on Khmeimim airbase, a massive missile and bomb strike was fired at a militant concentration area in the area of ​​Jisr al-Sugur, located in Idlib province, as we reported yesterday.

It was not possible to break through the defensive perimeter of the Russian air base. In response to the attempt, a rather powerful retaliation was inflicted on the militants. Middle Eastern publications reported on its magnitude, indicating that the sounds of explosions were heard throughout the district, “reaching the Turkish border.”

Now Russian troops have proved themselves in the southern regions of the province. While there are no fierce battles here, similar to the battle for the northern regions of Latakia, but in the near future a full-scale deployment of military operations should be expected in this region.

According to the source, this was the real test of the fifth-generation Russian fighter in a real combat environment to eliminate any problems encountered during a combat flight.

BulgarianMilitary recall that a wekks ago NATO decided to classify the Russian fighter of the Su-57 as “Felon” which means “criminal”. cannot confirm the truth of the information about the Russian Su-57 so far.


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