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At Williamsburg International Airport (VA), a Hawker Hunter Mk58 of Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) went of the runway after its main gear collapsed during landing. The pilot escaped the incident without any injuries.

The 1959 built aircraft, registration N344AX (construction number 41H-697429, and former Swiss Air Force J-4062) is owned by TVPX Aircraft Solutions, North Salt Lake (UT) but in use with the private aggressor company. Most probably, the Hunter will be repaired.

ATAC lost a Hunter on 12 December 2018 when registration N323AX splashed into the sea some five miles south of Honolulu’s Sand Island of the coast of Oahu (Hawaii). The pilot escaped that incident too by the use of its ejection seat.

ATAC is one of seven companies that just received a US Air Force award for 'Combat Air Force adversary' air support operations. The company flies Hunters, L-39s and Kfirs.


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