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Plovdiv. Arado Ar 196 / A3. Bulgaria bought 12 of these aircraft, which had numbers 1 - 12. The aircraft was transported to Bulgaria in 1942 and served in the years 1942 - 1944 at the 161st Squadron of the Bulgarian Air Force deployed at the base "Seagull" at Varna.

Serial number 0219. This aircraft should have fuselage number 3. After the war helped to clean the Black Sea coastal waters from min.
In 1953, the aircraft was left to the Bulgarian fishing fleet and the last flight took place on 9 July 1955.
In 1958 it was decommissioned and exposed in the Navy Museum in Varna. There was a known history when the plane was "cut" and left in the area "Pobitite kamani", west of Varna.
On flights from this area, Colonel Keranov noticed the debris of the aircraft museum. He organized the collection of debris. Then, in October 1987, pieces of the plane were transported to Plovdiv airport by two trucks and there the machine was reconstructed. During that time, the aircraft had several necessary repairs and also had several colors.


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Arado Ar 196 / A3 at Bulgarian Aviation Museum



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