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A Fokker 50 of Silverstone Air Services, registration 5Y-IZO, crashed at Nairobi-Wilson Airport (Kenya) around 09:00 hrs (local time) on 11 October 2019.

The Silverstone Fokker departed from Mombasa (Kenya) earlier this morning, made a landing at Wilson and departed for Lamu (Kenya). A normal route for the company.

During take-off something went terribly wrong: shortly after rotation the aircraft slid away and came to rest against trees, near the runway. The Dutch-built -60 seat- plane remains reasonably intact. All-but-two of its fifty passengers escaped without injuries. The two unlucky ones were brought to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

The Fokker 50 (construction number 20244) made its first flight on July 1991, and, since then, was owned by Icelandair, several lease companies, Flugfelaf Islands and Air Baltic. As of April 2018, it formed part of the inventory of Silverstone Air Services. The African company owns five Fokker 50s and four DHC-8s.



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