The Bulgarian Parliament Approved the F-16`s Purchase 22 юли 2019 | 11:41 views (529) commentaries(0)

The Bulgarian Parliament Approved the F-16`s Purchase, $1,25 Bn Will be Paid Out at Once

SOFIA, (BM) – The Bulgarian Parliament approved today [July 19] the F-16`s purchase for modernization of the Bulgarian Air Force, learned

The purchase`s value is $1,25Bn and the money will be paid out at once.

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Last week, the government approved a deal to acquire eight new US F-16 fighter jets for USD 1.25 billion. The Cabinet adopted a report signed by 4 ministers and mandated the defence minister to sign four contracts concerning the purchase of F-16 Block 70 aircraft with additional equipment, ammunition, air-to-air missiles, and a visualisation, monitoring and management system.

Six single-seat and two two-seat F-16s would be delivered by 2023. The price also includes ground equipment and personnel training. recalls that the US Congress has allowed the sale of F-16 fighter aircrafts to our country. It has been approved the buying of a complete package for eight multirole fighter aircrafts. The approved amount has an upper limit of up to BGN 2.9 billion, and the Bulgarian parliament has passed a budget of BGN 1.8 billion including VAT.

“This is a very good package deal. The maximum price announced in the final contract will not be like that and will be relatively lower. This gives a chance for the subsequent purchase of additional armaments, modernization, etc.,“ Gen. Sabi Sabev explained.


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