ВИДЕО ОТ ДНЕС : F-22 Raptor се трансформира в скрит бомбардировач

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The F-22 Raptor Transforms Into a Stealth Bomber
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Military Times
The F-22 Raptor Transforms Into a Stealth Bomber

The T-Rex took as much as possible from its sister-vehicle, the F-22. Lockheed Martin hoped that the commonality of parts and design between the two aircraft could keep costs low, relative to expectations for a fifth-generation fighter bomber. Using the F-22 fuselage with a larger (delta) wing, the FB-22 would have been fast (mach 1.92) with a long range (1600 miles, compared to 600 for the Raptor). It would have carried 15000# of ordnance in a stealth configuration, and roughly double that in non-stealth mode. The designers also included some provision for wing pods and hard points that would have allowed the aircraft to remain stealthy while carrying external fuel or weapons. Although not much of a dogfighter, the FB-22 would have retained some degree of air-to-air combat capability.

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