Bulgarian PM Critical of Military Operations against Libya

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Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, voiced criticism towards the US, UK and France coalition military operation in Libya, saying it lacks clear goals, but poses many questions.

Borisov spoke Monday morning in an interview for the TV channel TV7, stating the above were the exact reasons why Bulgaria is not taking part in the actions against Libya. He explained his view that finance and economic blockade would be much more effective in forcing Gaddafi to withdraw quickly.

The PM pointed out these types of wars have negative influence on countries such as Bulgaria over making financial markets unstable and increasing oil prices, and voiced hope NATO is going to take over the operation as quickly as possible.

Borisov also said that Bulgaria will be very careful in giving opinions about any developments in Libya, adding Gaddafi's remaining in power would be a failure for the western world.

"Many European politicians have a guilty consciousness regarding Gaddafi's life and attitude for years back. And it was not that long-ago when he used to tour European countries and be greeted with honors. When the Bulgarian medics were detained, everyone sympathized with us, knowing they were innocent, but this did not help us. Why didn't they strike Libya then? If there were 200-300 civilians in the compound that was bombed last night, what excuses could we have then? When there are great risks for civilian casualties, it makes me be way more careful about the support I declare. I hope the people who undertook the risk and sent their soldiers in Libya know what they are doing," the PM stated.

On Saturday, Bulgaria's President, Georgi Parvanov, made an official statement, declaring the pressure on Gaddafi is late not by weeks, but by years.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister, Anyu Angelov, told the Bulgarian National Television, BNT, Bulgaria can take part in the operation with two medical teams and later with sending one frigate to enforce sea embargo on Libya.

The Minister said a Bulgarian vessel is not currently needed because there are plenty of ships in the area, but if the blockade is prolonged, the frigate might be useful as replacement for some of them.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Nikolay Mladenov, also on

TV7, confirmed Bulgaria is prepared to take part in a blockade of Libya by sea.

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